Friday, 31 January 2014

Where we will be this Summer/Autumn

Well we are going to be at SALUTE 2014 this year.

Yes myself and Craig are making that ridiculous 33 hour flight  to visit you guys in blighty. We will have a store and be running a demo game. So you can come along and ask questions and pick up the latest releases. See below for an idea of SALUTE.

Not to be left out while Craig and I are at Salute, Chris is headed South to Christchurch for NATCON at Easter Weekend, and will be running a demo game over the weekend. Naturally he will have copies of the main rules, Despatches and our range of Kiwis with him.

Natcon 2014

St Albans Shirley Club, Christchurch NZ

But don't feel down hearted if you live in the north we are going to Battlecry in Auckland for the first time, see the detail below. Again we will be running a demo and have all the new products for sale.

Battlecry 2014

February 2014
Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th
ASB Stadium, Kohimarama, Auckland, New Zealand

and of course we will be going to Wellington Warlords Call To Arms(CTA) but I have no details about that yet.

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  1. I'm attending Salute and I'll be at a nearby hotel the night before if you guys fancy a couple of drinks?