Sunday, 31 May 2015

Free Scenario No.4 The Germans in Afghanistan

Free Scenario No. 4 - Sweep and Clear is available here

OK this month we are cutting it close to the wire to get this done in May in the northern hemisphere we are just in, but down here in the southern hemisphere (NZ) we have slipped into June Gosh-Darn!

Our excuse? well we have been working hard on Maalintii Rangers ( Day of the Rangers) and OUTBREAK our take on the zombie apocalypse as both Historicon and GENCON are looming.

So down to business what do we have in store for you this month. Well we concentrate on the Germans in Afghanistan. With a contingent of 5,350 soldiers and policemen, Germany is one of the main contributors of troops to coalition operations in Afghanistan. Although German troops mainly operate in the comparatively quiet north of the country, the Bundeswehr has suffered a number of casualties during participation in the International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan.

In this scenario we concentrate on the sweep and clear aspects of missions. here is the overview.

With the attention of the ISAF forces in the area focused elsewhere at increased Taliban resistance in other areas, the Taliban Warlord, code named Grey Pashmina, has infiltrated his forces back in to the town of Chardara

Intel suggests that the Grey Pashmina’s forces used previously unknown trails to facilitate their infiltration, and the Pashmina himself is holed up in the District Centre building. ISAF became aware of the Taliban troops being present in Chardara when the engineers constructing a bridge came under small arms fire from behind them, in an area supposedly secure. In response, mobile elements from the Quick Reaction Force have been despatched to push the Grey Pashmina’s forces from the town. 

The Quick Reaction Force is made up of German panzergrenadiers. The ISAF force is moving across a broad front in the town, coupled with blocking forces being deployed on the outside of the town in an attempt to catch any “leakers”, especially the Grey Pashmina, as capturing or killing him should reduce the Taliban threat to Chardara. Two Fuchs (fox) personnel carriers, each carrying a squad of panzergrenadiers is operating in this sector. 

The Germans are all well versed on the hidden ratlines and bolt-holes used by the insurgents; while their primary goal might be the removal of the Grey Pashmina‘s influence in the town, their secondary goal of destroying the Taliban’s safe routes into and out of the town is equally important for the lasting security of Chardara.

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