Saturday, 25 January 2014

Armies of Afghanistan- Alex McE (Qud)

Who are you?
I’m also Alex! I’m probably the relative newcomer to Sangin here and I find myself working with Colin, Craig and Pooch as their proofreader. Most of this work seems to be deleting unnecessary punctuation and hunting out the devils in the details! Modern warfare is a relatively new experience for me, other than some 6mm, and I find Sangin a nice balance between detail and relaxed and enjoyable play.

What army you are playing?
Asking me to be involved in this project was always going to involve some kind of fairly insane scheme and I had set my heart on some Italians. I really love playing Italians (Doctors say it is terminal- Ed). Sadly, the only manufacturer of modern Italians isn’t likely to be able to produce any until early next year! So I went for a new plan. I’ve had a dozen Empress Insurgents that I picked up last year to play as Iranian Qud for a scenario that I was proofing as a possible entry for Despatches 1. That’ all I’ll say on that score! (I think we might put it up on the blog here, but Alex has to paint some Qud first- Ed)

I primed them but thanks to the humidity or temperature in my basement over the winter the primer cracked badly on almost every flat surface. Here they are at time of writing:

One of my chief goals in picking an army is that it has to be thematically interesting. I don’t care if it’s any good but it has to sound cool and it has to look cool. So I’m going to be using a list that the lads are working on at the moment for Al-Qaeda. The Insurgents will be Foreign Fighters brought in by a local al-Qaeda leader to stiffen the combat ability and resolve of his $10 Taliban troops. Visually I’m looking forward to breaking out every kind of camo I can muster the skill to paint and I’m hoping to be able to share my experiences translating some of the more outlandish schemes I can find for these Foreign Fighters.

What are you getting with your starting funds?
I’ll be picking up some of the lovely Empress Taliban to provide me with the core of the force as well as a sweet, sweet model to be my al-Qaeda leader.


  1. They can also do duty at Pakistan Taliban, Chechens in Afghanistan (we fought against a few of them when I was in) and forces in Syria.

  2. They are great minis.
    Moody is of course correct, they are multi-purpose! (Sorry to hear that bro, Chechens are legendary tough mofos. I'm sure you Paratroopers kicked their asses though. Ahem, Hooah! as well as Airball! and Semper Fi!)
    Which is good because all three Quds guys in Afghan got whacked.
    Household finance loves news like that!

  3. Thanks dude, and yes they were some pretty hard costumers, don't know the meaning of the word surrender.

  4. There are some seriously cheeky editorial comments on here Pooch. *mock outrage*

    Thanks for the tip on some other uses as well as a bit of real world history!

    1. You can not deny that it is true!

  5. Good choice Alex, you need one od those Empress Yamaha riding RPG teams!