Friday, 31 July 2015

Arms Cache - July Free Scenario

Well playmates, Chris and I are busy working the Skirmish Sangin booth at GENCON, but we didn't forget you guys, the faithful Sangin gamers who won't be able to make either show. Here is the latest free scenario, this time the US army hunting down an arms cache.

Don't forget to let us know what you think as a comment on the blog, or on the forum!

You can download it at the link below:


OUTBREAK released, and survivors!

GENCON has begun, which means OUTBREAK has been released! Many a demo game has been played, many copies of our rules have flown out the door..

For those who didn't manage to find us, we are in booth 2934, in entrepreneurs avenue. We have many copies of OUTBREAK, as well as Skirmish Sangin, and our zombies and survivor miniatures- that's right, we have some survivors too! 

Below are the survivors, along with some painted versions of the Ragers. Not by me, I only got my set today too!

Survivor 1: Gas mask survivor

Modelled after this banner....

Survivor 2: Priest!

Rager Miniatures!

For those who can't make it to GENCON, don't despair- for our website is now live! Head to to order yourself a copy of OUTBREAK, and we will start shipping them come as soon as we can, which is early next week.

The survivors and Ragers are not yet in the site, but they will be very soon!


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Virginia War Museum Children Summer Camp

I want to share these images with you.

These are a bunch of lads aged 12-16 who play Skirmish Sangin at their summer camp. I was supposed to go and see them the other day but event conspired against me. So the guy that runs it sent me these images and I have to say I am blown away. These kids rock.

 I am in awe of what the kids can do, they have painted figures, built terrain, done research and play fantastically intricate games. As Tim the tool man Taylor used to say Boys I salute you...

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Mogadishu Kickstarter is now live

The Day of the Rangers (Maalintii Rangers) Kickstarter

So we have finally gone and done it, our first Kickstarter is on its way, and so far we are doing quite well but we are not there yet, so please if you can help get there we would be greatly appreciative. It will help us grow as a company and also provide you guys some great new figures, vehicles and books so that's a win win for all of us.

CLICK HERE to see all the details

Here are a few samples of the new figures and buildings

Monday, 20 July 2015

Can't wait for OUTBREAK?

So, can't wait for OUTBREAK?

Can't sit still waiting for your chance to pit your characters against the Zombie hordes?

Or can you not wait to take the role of Zombie Controller, in charge of the merciless hordes?

Well, we can't help GENCON arrive any faster, but we can at least share with you the Zombie Blog which I have been working on.

The blog is here at , and on it you will find survivors, zombies, and in the build up to GENCON we will take a look at OUTBREAK, including the rules, some demo characters and maybe even an AAR!

So head on over, distract yourself with the stories, survivors and pictures over there, I promise it will help pass the time until you too can have a copy of OUTBREAK in your cold, dead, zombie hands....


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Latest on the zombies

This is our latest press release for GENCON...

Radio Dishdash Publishing and Phalanx Consortium are releasing our new game Skirmish OUTBREAK. This standalone ruleset provides a great new look at the Zombie skirmish wargame. This is a fast play game of Ragers and Zeds. The Rager is a human infected in the last 48 hours whose single drive is to kill as often as possible and is as fast and deadly as any human. The Zeds are the slower more dormant zombie but is just as deadly as they congregate in hordes looking for new food sources.

In the middle of all this is are the survivors. Whether by luck, cunning or skill the survivors have managed to get this far, now they are out in the ruins looking for the food, water and ammunition. Other Survivors may be friendly, but just as often are not, and how that works out in this world of kill or be killed is up to the players.

To support this great new game Radio Dishdash and Phalanx Consortium will also be releasing our initial range of figures that initially includes Ragers and Survivors. Take a look at our initial Rager renders below.

These are the first in what will be a much larger range. Skirmish OUTBREAK allows you to play the game with any figure you like, in any scale you like, with a fully integrated campaign system that means that players have to find enough resources to survive or face the consequences. This is a world of tough decisions and even tougher enemies, do you and you’re friends have what it takes to survive?

Monday, 13 July 2015

Meeples and Miniatures interview

So I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Neil and the Meeples crew a few weeks ago and you can here the interview here.

In it we talk about the forthcoming releases of Maalintii Ragers and Skirmish OUTBREAK and some of the initial ideas behind Skirmish Sangin.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

So where are the AAR's?

Not only are the scenarios delayed, but the AAR's are too!

So bear with us, I plan to get through a Patrol mission before I head away to GENCON, so there should be one up here in the next week.

But for now, step 1 is finishing some British to play the game with!

Luckily I have the Taliban painted and ready to go.....


Saturday, 4 July 2015

New Free Scenario - Sorry we are late

Patrol - Royal Marine Commando's in Afghanistan


Firstly let me just apologise for being late with this free scenario. We have been busier than:

1. a one-eyed cat watching nine rat holes. 
2. a one-toothed man in a corn-on-the-cob eating contest. 
3 a mosquito at a nudist colony. 
4. a cross-eyed air traffic controller, 
5. a cat with puppies. 
6. a weatherman in a tornado. 
7. a desert cobra at a mongoose convention. 
8. a termite in a saw mill. 
9. a dog scratching fleas. 
10. a rooster in a henhouse.

Well you get the picture, we have been really busy completing Maalintii Rangers and Skirmish OUTBREAK ready for their big releases at Historicon and GENCON.

Anyway I finally go to it and here it is in all its glory. A set of patrol rules for a squad based game.

Why such a small game size?
Well people had been telling us our games were getting bigger and bigger and they wanted some smaller actions so we have brought you exactly that.

We enjoy all sorts of size games but I think most people as they get more and more used to the game begin to creep up in size of units involved. So this is just to remind us that we can have fun with just four figures a side.

BTW how about you guys letting us know what they would like to see in terms of free scenarios. We always like to hear from you and don't forget we have great discussion on the forum.