Sunday, 26 January 2014

Armies of Afghanistan- All those taking part!

So there we have it, all 11 of the people who have decided make some forces over the next few months.

We have....

Pooch (me) - Australians
Colin - US Marine Recon
Craig W - SEALs
Craig H - Germans
Ray - French
Alex McE - Qud (Iranian Special Forces)
Alex McC - New Zealanders
Dougie - British Paras
Brent - M1 Abrams (I am pretty sure that it is a force on it's own!)

So all of those taking part are working through what they want for their starting funds, and we will be doing a big few orders to make sure they all get what they need for their forces.

We can expect to hear from those taking part over the next couple of weeks with some more plans around their forces, if I know them they are already scheming away with colours, tactics and force composition!

For now, enjoy a picture of a Military Working Dog wearing "doggles". These work to protect the eyes of the dog in dusty environments, especially when parachuting or being deployed by helicopter. They have a certain... Born to be Wild element about them!


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