Thursday, 23 January 2014

Introduction to the Armies of Afghanistan!

At Radio Dishdash, we work with some really great people. People who write for us, who proof read for us, who play test and others who help us with the hobby side of things.

Realising that we have this awesome resource, it seemed a shame to not put them to work! Thus, Armies of Afghanistan (AoA) was born!

Our plan is simple, we give them two packs of figures, or something of equal value. They could choose anything they wanted; they could choose the manufacturer, they can choose the nationality of their force, its all up to them. Naturally it had to be for a force that has served in Afghanistan (sorry Craig, you have to wait on your Chinese!), but other than that it was totally free choice.

From that starting point they are then going to turn it into a whole Skirmish Sangin force of roughly 2000 points. Their progress, plans and ideas are going to be put up here on the blog, with their first post in January and running through until April.

So what can you expect? Well we will hear from all of those taking part over the next week, they will be telling us what their starting force is and where they are hoping to go with it. From there, we'll be getting articles from them as they develop the force and will be keeping track of the progress of their forces as its constructed!

To get the ball rolling, here is what I am going to do for my force….

Who are you?
I’m Pooch, and I became a writer with Sangin after having a demo game with Colin at the start of last year. After that game I went home and wrote the rules for Military Working Dogs in Sangin (MWDs can be found in Despatches 1). Since then I have been furiously working on articles for Despatches 1, 2 and beyond!

What army you are playing?

Being a New Zealander, I have a love/hate relationship with our closest neighbour, Australia. The relationship could be best described as that of two brothers, Australia the older brother, and New Zealand the younger brother, eager to prove itself and quick to gloat over anything that it beats the older brother at! But, when the chips are down, the two knuckle down and get the job done and are far more alike than either would care to admit. So with that goal of ANZAC solidarity, I have opted to make a force of Auzzies for Armies of Afghanistan! Coincidentally, Empress are soon to release a set of Australians who just look wonderful (so that is probably the real reason for auzzies!).

What are you getting with your starting funds?
It is a tough choice. I have already ordered the full range of Australians through the Kickstarter campaign which Empress ran last year. I am currently looking at a Bushmaster vehicle from Company B as a van to drive my diggers around in.

Check back over the next week to see what the other 10 are planning for their forces!



  1. Off to a good start I see. And to bad about not having the Chinese ready, I ordered a bunch of them from the Empress kickstarter.

    1. Won't be long before we look into the Chinese, but for now, we are in Afghanistan!

  2. Auzzie, Auzzie, Auzzie!!
    Nice Bushranger mate. I want to see your finished AUSLAV.
    Did you go to Oz for the vehicles? You tramp you.
    China in Afghan? Wot? Close, yes.

    1. Yep, the ASLAV will be part of this too I think. Or it will at least make me finish the darn thing!

      And as for did I choose Auzzie for the Bushmaster. Well... maybe!

      The Chinese, well they are cool minis, seems a shame not to use them. Not in AFG mind you!

  3. The Chinese are not in Afghanistan yet ;).