Friday, 27 March 2015

After Action Report- Mouse Hunting!

I am sure you were all missing not having an AAR for our latest scenario, which you can download here.

Colin and I have been busy writing and playtesting the rules for our upcoming releases, which has meant we haven't managed to stop and play this scenario (yet!), so on a rainy afternoon I decided to play it as a solo game. The scenario lends itself pretty well to a solo game, and I certainly enjoyed it! I have been getting a good bit of work done on my 15mm moderns, so this was a great opportunity to show them off as well.

The miniatures in the game come from Flytrap Factory, and the buildings are some of the excellent MDF buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures- in fact, some of the pictures on the online store will be very similar to those buildings in this game!

Anyway, on to the game. The table looked like this, a mix of one and two story compounds, fields and walls.

The two forces in the scenario are a full squad of 13 United States Marines

Up against Tamarisk(mouse) the sniper

Tamarisk chooses four sniper locations before the start of the game. I chose a variety of locations to keep as many options as possible for chasing Marines.

The start of the game was quiet, the Marines advanced onto the table. Tamarisk chose sniper hide 2 as his first location, his sights set on one of the advancing marines.

The rifle cracked, and the marine was killed by the heavy calibre bullet and the mouse had his first victim.

The marines immediately pushed forward, scanning rooftops for the source of the shot.

Tamarisk however had set his sights on another Marine, running in much the same corridor as his earlier target. The mouse fired again, his aim was true and he had his second victim!

This time, the marines had their eyes forward, looking out for any signs of the sniper. The Squad Leader had seen the sniper fire, and opened up on the mouse's location.

The Squad Leader, with the mouse's location in the distance.

The fire did not hit the mouse, but it must have shaken off his aim, as his next shot missed it's mark.

The Marine who had the lucky break immediatly returned fire, this time with a 40mm grenade from his M203 UGL. The grenade just missed it's mark, landing at the base of the building.

The near miss from the grenade as well as the other incoming 5.56mm fire caused Tamarisk to seek cover and abandon his sniper hide.

The marines continued their advance while Tamarisk was moving between sniper hides.

Tamarisk emerged from sniper hide 1, behind the advancing marines. He immediately opened fire, killing another marine.

But the marines were in much better positions, one of the M249 gunners had reached the top floor of one of the compounds and immediatly spotted Tamarisk, pouring fire onto the mouse's position.

When two more marines began firing on Tamarisk's position, the mouse was forced to escape from his second sniper hide. The mouse emerged next from sniper hide 3, lining up one of the advancing marines.

The mouse was able to kill another marine, but this hide was not as well concealed as his other locations, and the mouse was quickly spotted by the marines. Their fire was murderous and Tamarisk was killed.

Yes, those are the dice indicating damage caused by the Marine's M16A4...

And so, with that it was over. The mouse could not escape the advancing marines, but he was able to kill four of the marines before he could be killed.

I know that I need more 15mm terrain, so I did put in another order to Gamecraft today, to keep adding to what I can put on table. I thought the game worked well in 15mm, although 28mm might still be my favourite, and certainly where I have most miniatures, but I think that Skirmish Sangin works well in the smaller scale too.

So have you played our new scenario yet? Were your marines more effective than mine?

I will have to put something up about the Flytrap Factory miniatures and the Gamecraft Buildings, both of which I recommend!


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Free Scenario No. 2 - Sniper Hunt

So here is the second of our free scenarios. This one features the US marines hunting a Taliban sniper. This is an ideal game for our new Taliban sniper figures armed with the Dragunov.

yes that's a merciless plug but how else are we going to sell them, if we don't write scenario's to sell specific figures and you have to admit its a great figure :-)

Anyway I digress The PDF can be downloaded here

USMC - Sniper Hunt Download PDF

Here are some screen shots so you can see what your getting for Gratis, Nada, Nix, Free.

 This should give you hours and hours of fun as you try and hunt down " The Mouse".

Friday, 20 March 2015


OK so we have listened to what you have to say and we relaunch our forum today. You will need to set up a login to gain access. The URL below is where you go.

Once your in click on General Board and you will see Skirmish sangin

Now please we are still playing with the tool and don't have it quite down to pat at the moment so bear with us if things aren't quite right from the get go.

So guys why not start by introducing ourselves and if you have any questions post them.