Friday, 24 January 2014

Armies of Afghanistan- Adam (MARSOC)

Who are you?
Hi I'm Adam from Panzerfaust Nostalgia, I've been gaming for ages and just recently wrote a couple articles that are included in the new Despatches 1 (He is Smitty - Ed).

What army are you playing?
As a former Marine I've been following the expansion of the Marine Corps into special operations command closely for over a decade. After the success of Det 1, (2003-6) in Afghanistan it was finally decided to join the party.

With the new Marine Special Operations Battalions taking on some traditional Army Special Forces missions including, "Foreign Internal Defense". Which is what the papers refer to as mentoring or training foreign militaries to help them defend themselves from insurgencies, ala Vietnam, Malaya, Philippines, Columbia and of course Afghanistan.

I have a few minis already that I have painted up as MARSOC so I just needed a few Afghans a couple hiluxes and maybe a motorcycle.
The ones I have for the Marines are Empress' excellent US special forces, either the light weapons or the fully armed up raiders.

For the motorcyclist I had to go with Eureka, they have a couple great ones to choose from. I'm keen on the one with no helmet for some impractical reason! (We are working through Motorcycle rules at present- Ed)

For the Afghani troops I decided to go with Eureka again and ordered six each of their Afghan National Police, with and without helmets. Now from what I've gathered the majority of the troops that MARSOC has trained and advised have been Afghan Army Commandos. However there isn't a good mini for them. So I'm just going to go with the fog of war and assume that these Marines are embedded with the Police.

This should give me the ability to run small skirmishes with a couple Marines and a fireteam or two of ANP. Or go with a full on raid or larger combat patrol of several Marines, a dumvee, a couple hiluxes and twelve cops.

Adam's sweet as Dumvee

What are you getting with your starting funds?
ANP and a motorcycle, both from Eureka Miniatures


  1. Hey Adam - nice to see a mixed unit with some ANP!


    1. Thanks mate. It has definitely piqued my interest.

  2. Great choice, looking forward to seeing how this turns out. And thank you for your service Devil Dog.

    1. Semper Fi bro. Right back at you.
      Before you showed up I was wondering where the US paratroops were.
      Maybe you could knock some together?

  3. Actually just got an order of empress US Army. Trying to decide weather to paint them in mult-cam or ACU.

    1. I'm sure we both prefer multicam for a useful pattern but ACU is a lot more common as well as what you wore right? Either way it's a great idea the empress minis are great sculpts. A bit clean if anything, could use more pouches and radios etc, you know what I mean. ;-)

  4. Yeah they are almost a little to lightly kited out. And I actually got out before my unit started issuing multicam. I war DCUs with BDU webbing in Afghanistan and ACUs in Iraq. Couldn't stand the ACUs. :P

  5. Nice, Where'd you get the Dumvee from?
    Any more photos of your MARSOC figures?