Saturday, 31 January 2015

State of the Nation - laying out 2015

State of the Nation

Presidents and prime ministers around the globe give state of the nation speeches at the beginning of the year. Here at Skirmish Sangin we thought we would borrow the concept and look back briefly over the last 12 months and to let all our loyal players know what’s happening in the next 12 months.

So the last 12 months have seen a great deal of growth in the Skirmish Sangin market. The year was book marked by the release of Sangin Despatches 2 and 3 and one of the key highlights was our trip to SALUTE which was a great deal of fun. Our Insurgents/Taliban figures were released.

Phalanx Consortium came on board as our US distributor  and that is a relationship that's gone from strength to strength.

Unfortunately we lost a great good person along the way. Stuart Griffin of Griffin Moulds (Sangin's Figure Manufacturer) and we would like to take this opportunity to pass on our deepest condolences to his family and colleagues.

So what will 2015 have to offer? 

Now we can’t reveal all as we have signed a number of non-disclosure agreements with companies but there is a core of projects that we can reveal, some of what is going on.

Now before I go in to detail can we just say a little about timelines. All of the team have full time, high-pressure jobs and while we indicate deadlines and do our best to work towards them, we are always deliberately vague simply to avoid disappointment.

Our projects tend to take a while to create and sometimes can be held up by even the most innocuous of things. 2014 had a few among them the birth of beautiful baby James to Chris and Rachel. Pneumonia and a serious knee operations for Colin and a PHD for Craig, all of these thing vied for our time.

We hope there are less this year but you never know. Anyway enough waffle what's happening.

First quarter 2015

The first of our Battle Books will be Maalintii Rangers (Day of the Rangers (Mog) - to those of us that don’t speak Somali). This book will concentrate on the battle made famous by the book and film Black Hawk Down. It will have additional rules, background info and ORBATS for everything from Street mobs and Somali gun man to the D-Boys and Rangers. A set of entertaining scenarios that focuses on various stages of the battle and ideas of how to model and paint the participants.

 IMAGE ABOVE - Rough Scamp of the cover

To support this we will also be releasing our first set of 28mm Americans, initially an 8 man Rangers squad, that’s ideal for Mog and more than usable for Iraq 1 and 2 and early Afghanistan as well as some more goodies we have in the pipeline. See the Ranger renders below.

We are also planning a running a Kickstarter to help us expand this figure line but we’ll let you know more about that nearer the time.

Also in this quarter you will see the release of the final 28mm Insurgent/Taliban so there will be more than enough to build a sizeable force.

ABOVE:  Some of the new Insurgent/Taliban figures

Second/third quarter 2015

This will see the release of our first fantasy game, currently called Outbreak – This is a zombie horror skirmish game. This will be launched at GENCON and a number of us are making the trip to Indianapolis to be part of the fun. So do come along and see us.

ABOVE: The almost final cover for Outbreak

We will also be at Historicon with plenty of Skirmish Sangin goodness (as part of our month long trip to the USA) so that will be another opportunity to chat if any of you are heading that way. We hope to have more than a few new goodies available at both events.

Third/fourth quarter 2015

Sangin Despatches no.3, yes number 3, we have so much useful stuff left over from SD2 that we plan to bring you another book to conclude Afghanistan.

Now anybody that has played Skirmish Sangin know the system can work for any conflict from ww2 onwards and this year we plan to use the system to venture further a field and expand both globally conflict wise and back through the ages to help our players use the system to play there favourite genres.

So that’s all the big picture stuff we can talk about and as you can see we haven't been lazing a round but also we are going to do our best to use this blog to bring you some great Skirmish Sangin Goodness.

It’s our plan that each month we will release you a free scenario for the remaining 11 months of 2015. We will also increase the number of articles and After Action Reports (AARs) to as many as possible. This will allow players to see the flexibility of the system and get some great new ideas for their gaming. We are kicking off our first free scenario in February with a look at the Australians and what they got up to in Afghanistan.

Obviously this is not all but its all for now. Do let us know what you would like to see in terms of ORBATS etc. and any game ideas and we’ll do our absolute best to bring them to you.


Friday, 23 January 2015

We are back, and a new project!

Aaaaaaaand we are back!

So, with the holidays out of the way, the team is back to work, as well as back to progressing with Skirmish Sangin. Fear not, our time away was productive, we were able to do a lot of writing, so you won't have to wait until the end of the year for our next release- promise!

But we will update you more on that in the coming weeks, along with our plans for the blog for the year.

As for what I am working on, I have started a new project. Now, I really like gaming in 28mm. I have lots (possibly too many according to some) of 28mm figures, and it is the rule set for which the Skirmish Sangin rules were primarily written for (not that you have to use 28s, I know we have more than a few 20mm fans out there!).

So while I like my 28s, I have a real problem of table space.

This is my kitchen table, also known as my gaming table:

It does a stirling job as a table, doesn't wobble, great to use to serve roast dinners on and for me to get crushed by my wife at board games on. But it's just a bit small to be my ideal Skirmish Sangin table. It works well for smaller scale games, or close in city/compound fighting with a small number of troops each side. It would work for bigger games too, but I really like having space to maneuver.

With that in mind, I have started my new project to assist with that. If the table can't get bigger, then I will just make what I put on it smaller! There is an NZ company, Flytrap Factory which I knew had a small range of 15mm Moderns, suitable for Afghanistan. I was a very big Flames of War (another NZ company!) for a very long time, so 15mm was a bit of a homecoming for me.

So I have bought a few packs of the Flytrap Factory miniatures, enough to keep me out of trouble for a while!

So after some time spent assembling/priming/painting, I have managed to complete my first US Marine:

Apologies for the dark photos, my lighting source (the sun) didn't want to play ball for the photo!

So there it is, the start of my new project. More about it in the coming weeks!