Saturday, 25 January 2014

Armies of Afghanistan- Alex McC (NZ Army)

Who are you?

I’m Alex, and got involved with Skirmish Sangin after getting the PDF after I found the link through TMP. We had a few questions about the rules, and it all went downhill from there. I helped write the Canadian ORBAT based on my experiences (found in Despatches No 1- Ed). I’ve been gaming for years, and would prefer not to keep count, as it reminds me of all the unfinished projects…but modern, especially Afghanistan is my favourite.

What army you are playing?

Maybe it’s homage to the guys that wrote the rules, or just because I didn’t want to paint Multicam or Digital camo, but I’ve decided to go with New Zealand as my nationality for this project. Plus, who can say no to the lovely figures from Radio Dishdash!

I’ve done some digging around, and managed to confirm that there will be no digital camouflage, so I’m sold. It’s also a nice change from M4’s. I plan on going with proper rank and file boots-on-the-ground types, maybe with some off-board support. I haven’t quite figured everything out yet, but this will get me 2 full squads. With the release of Despatches 1, I think a Military Working Dog (MWD) team should be included and I am looking at some possible conversions to a few engineers/ATOs for dealing with those pesky things that go boom.

What are you getting with your starting funds?

I plan on getting the 3 other packs released in the line, since I got the first one the minute they were announced. Since my assets will mostly be off-board, I think I’m covered off for the 2000pt goal.

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