Friday, 24 January 2014

Armies of Afghanistan- Tom (NZSAS)

Who am I?
Hi I’m Tom and I am a Wargames Magpie (Buys all the shiny toys with no plans to ever use them-Ed). I have models and rules gathering at alarming rates (according to my wife at least). I have ecclectic interests in genres and when Skirmish Sangin was introduced to me I found yet another outlet for my need to collect cool models.
I enjoy many aspects of our hobby in particular I love creating terrain, although I am running out of storage space in my garage/gaming room- yes the cars are already parked outside! (and have been for as long as I have known you- Ed)

What army am I playing?
I decided to back the Empress Kickstarter last year and have picked up the New Zealand SAS model. So I await its arrival with great anticipation. This has inspired me to create a Kiwi SAS force as inspired by Willie Apiata VC.

Doesn't he look glad to see you?

The next step is to research what happened in the action that had the VC awarded.

What am I getting with my starting funds?
I am going to get the Empress SAS models with a mix of weapons but I particularly like the sniper figure.


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  1. I love that mini too! Except for the hat brim. What boot designed that?
    Cpl Apiata would not wear shit like that!