Saturday, 25 January 2014

Armies of Afghanistan- Dougie (British Paratroopers)

Who are you?

I’m Dougie and apart from a 5 year break whilst I was in the British Army, I’ve been wargaming since the 1970’s.

I’ve played Sangin since its creation and used my 20mm collection, which you can see on my blog, (You really all should have a look at his blog- Ed)

Because Sangin is so low level and personal I’ve always toyed with the ideal of using 28mm figures and really going to town on detail in figures, vehicles and terrain. When I heard about the ”Armies of Afghanistan” project my mind was made up!

What army are you be playing?

I’ll be building some British Airborne units around 3PARA in 2011, there’ll be regular updates, lots of WIP photos, and you’ll only be seeing the full updates on this site, so you’ve got to visit regularly! (As if you wouldn't be- Ed)

What are you getting with your starting funds?

My starting funds will be providing some of the superb Empress Miniatures Brits.


  1. Hi Dougie ...... looking fwd to seeing your 28mms !!

    ps I second what Chris said about Dougies Blog - it's full of some great stuff / tips and very well made terrain in particular


  2. Dougie finally doing 28mm Brits? Can't wait for that.

    Hoping you'll do a tutorial for MTP!

    Good luck mate.

    1. Well in theory I've more space than 20mm !