Thursday, 23 January 2014

Armies of Afghanistan- Colin (USMC - Recon)

Who am I?
Well I am Colin Phillips one of the original authors of Skirmish Sangin. I am the designer, photographer, general dogs body and the guy who keeps Craig and Chris in check both in print and sometimes in real life… but not in a biblical way I leave that up to their wives (Let’s be fair, we a full time job- Ed).

I have been playing wargames and role-playing since I was 12, I am now 47 and before that I played with toy soldiers. I have been Army mad ever since I could remember.

Deep down I think I am still trying to play Donald Featherstone Skirmish Wargaming, I just updated it a bit along the way. I'm skirmish all the way, see my Facebook page skirmish wargaming.

What Army am I playing?
After much thinking and the fact that Ray stole the “cheese eating surrender monkeys” (AKA French Foreign Legion) that I love so much I have gone for the USMC Recon. Why? Well I brought a set originally from Eureka and love them but I didn’t do too much research and the paint job isn’t the best so this time I want to do it right.

What am I getting for my starting funds?
Eureka miniatures USMC Recon


  1. Urah Colin! (Way to put yourself under the laser mate.)
    Just start pushing, when you get tired do 20 more, then flutter kicks. 1000 four count, begin. Now lets go for a short run, 10k. After that we're going to the drowning pool.
    edited line with running chants...
    Drop me line with questions mate!

  2. Will do, the question now is helmets or boonie hats...

  3. Helmets, cropped MICH style if possible.
    Boonie are strictly off line these days. You might want to have a few for flavor. Cropped brim just an inch or two wide max.