Thursday, 28 January 2016

Code name Platoon +

Code name Platoon +

This is the working title for taking Skirmish Sangin into larger battles. It will allow players to play any conflict so you’re not restricted to Afghanistan, even though most of our testing has been asymmetrical so far.

We have been working on this now for 6 months and last night played our first Alpha  version of the game. This involved putting two full ISAF platoons, 1 French and 1 US Army against 28 Taliban who where occupying the town of Ashram Akar. So thats  80+ miniatures on the board. The entire game including learning the rule splay in 2.5 hours

The aim of our rules is for a quick game that allows players to command multiple units. As an Alpha test release this played better than I ever hoped. The battle was intense, with each unit type having a flavour all of their own and with an easy mechanic that took my two play tester (I was just observing and explaining rules) 30 minutes to play without my help.

Now obviously we found faults and flaws and the project needs much more further development but we hope to this product out in the third quarter this year.

We still have all vehicles to develop but we can already call in off table assets, think aircraft, snipers and heavy weapons support teams and the like.

The idea of the rules is you can play it at different levels with the smallest unit type being a fire team if you are playing a single Platoon, or a squad if you are playing with more than 1 platoon and having the same mechanics regardless of scale.

Let us know your thoughts on this.