Sunday, 10 August 2014

Posts from the Sangin Community- 20mm Chinook!

During the Insurgent competition, I got chatting with a few of those who are playing Skirmish Sangin around the world.

One of them, Carvel, got me thinking about 20mm. There are some great manufacturers out there doing some awesome stuff in that scale, and it had never even occurred to me. Perhaps it was willful blindness? While I was doing a good job of resisting yet another scale of miniatures, he did send through some awesome pictures of an RAF CH-47 Chinook he recently finished.

The first shot is of a squad of Royal Marines disembarking from the Chinook- two nice neat, orderly lines.

Carvel used weathering powders to good effect- this Chinook definitely looks like it needs a thorough scrub down!

The last image shows off what I think is a pretty cool basing option. Rather than go for a tall flight stand, the Chinook is hovering just above the ground, disembarking onto a raised area. Although Chinook pilots like to land the aircraft to disembark troops, they are able to hold it at a hover, with the door touching the ground. This is useful when deploying troops into places which don't have enough space for a proper LZ, such as up on mountain ridges.

With cool pictures like these of helicopters (I might be slightly helicopter obsessed), any bets on how long I will be able to resist 20mm? I do like the appeal of having access to more helicopter models!

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  2. That is superb. Great work indeed.

  3. Excellent. Do like the basing idea.

  4. You do know that you can get a plastic 1/48 Chinook? I'm just saying...!

  5. Less room on the table at that scale and just think about the increased possibilities of javelins at 20mm : )
    Just saying ; )

  6. Ps thanks for the positive feedback guys. Really appreciate that : )

  7. Oh Carvel you are such a tease.... must ignore 20mm, must ignore...

  8. Moi tease?

  9. we are doing 15mm for large scale action this allows us to use cm instead in inches and use same size tables to fight much larger ranged conflicts.