Sunday, 31 August 2014

Guns of August Convention Report

Hello everyone!  Our small local convention was held here in Williamsburg, Virginia back on the 22nd -24th of August.  The convention draws around 200 local mostly historical gamers each year so a fairly small gathering where most people know each other and things are always pretty relaxed.  The big difference this year was the fact that The Phalanx Consortium was there to promote and sell Skirmish Sangin.  Overall the informal and formal demos for the rules went well and we had the fun of adding the second board to the table so there were plenty of people stopping by to take pictures and ask questions about the rules.

Many in attendance had seen us at Historicon so they checked in to see what the latest updates were on the new supplements and figures.   We also had the opportunity to discuss participation in a couple of programs next year with a representative of the Virginia War Museum so we will be working with them on those programs and we will feature both game demos, as well as running a figure painting class for those wishing to participate.
While we held our formal demos in the evenings we did take time to take those interested over to the table to run through a few points of the rules before making their decision to purchase a set.  So having the demo boards on permanent display over the weekend help to afford these opportunities and we would like to thank the organizers for allowing us this flexibility.

As we announced on our Facebook page we were excited to add another retailer to our partner list over the weekend with The Dragon’s Hoard in Staunton, Virginia picking up stock for their store while they were down as another vendor for the weekend.  So if you live up that way or just passing through please stop by and see Harry and company in beautiful Downtown Staunton in the Historic Valley of Virginia.
During one of our evening demos the players were taken by how actual topography on a game table makes such a difference in how a game is played. While hard to completely appreciate in these photos the ISAF players used the low and obscured ground of the irrigation canal to bring troops around on the Taliban left forcing them to retire and melt into the populace versus getting overrun.

So all in all we had a great weekend and are looking forward to seeing those who can attend at Fall-In in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Southern Front in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Both of these conventions will be held in November of this year.  Till then happy gaming!

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