Sunday, 3 August 2014

Call to Arms preparation- Progress?!

The Insurgent painting competition has closed! We are collating all of the images which were sent in now. We will show them off, along with announcing our winners later this week. A big thanks to all those who entered, keep an eye out for the images!

As for my Call to Arms forces....

All of the Australians had made the painting table, unfortunately the two fire-team leaders have lost the aerials for their backpack radios.

As a simple solution, I used a drill, greenstuff and a spare metal pike from one ancients army or another (I mainly use these to pin with), to make some radio aerials for my fire-team leaders.

While not as perfect as the aerials that Empress provide, these will be a whole lot less fragile, and will still look the part.

Now as to painting, this is where I have got to so far on the Australians:

All of them have their camo done, now it is just skin, weapons, detailing and basing.

Here is a close up of one of the squad leaders, showing off how the Crye camo currently looks:

I am hoping to get the detailing done this week.

And as for the Taliban?

Well, progress is being made, all of them have got the base colours done on their clothing, now I need to ink/highlight that, then do the skin, weapons, webbing, beards etc.

And I still haven't started on the technical.

But still, progress is progress!


  1. these are coming on nice, also must say im interested in how your possibly basing your buildings , is this part of a modular wargames board ?

    1. Nope, nothing as fancy as a modular board. I have just glued them on to cork tile, which I will then cut into smaller shapes.

      As much as I like modular boards, I have issues with storage and am far too indecisive to pin down exactly what I want a board to look like!

      In saying that, the board we had for the Main Rulebook was gorgeous, and I have been thinking about irrigation ditches.... I might have to have a think!