Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Call to Arms- Armies done and dusted!

Well, I managed it, finishing the last bit of basing on my two forces for Call to Arms on the night before the event (well timed that!). The weekend went very well, I had three tough games, achieving the distinction of being Most Mortared by the end of the weekend, my forces being subjected to no less than 5 scarily accurate 81mm mortar barrages in their three games! Needless to say, this had a very negative impact on my force's ability to fight the enemy!

Mortars aside, I did have a great weekend, you have already seen a few of my photos as part of the overall pictures for the weekend, but I also wanted to share a few close ups of my two forces for the weekend.

This is how they came out:

My Taliban:

More on the technical soon, in case you want to build one of your own!.

My Australians:

Even the Javelin team that got left behind got to make an appearance!

Next on the painting table for me? I am going to finish the remaining 10 or so Australians, before I forget how I did them. Plus they have a few transports (you know which one Spyros!) so I am going to get them all off my painting table.

That is, unless I get distracted by a set of our brand new Taliban that I got over the weekend too!



  1. Distracted you, it will never happen :-)

  2. Outstanding Pooch.
    They look fantastic. You've got to let us know about the technical."Must have one!"
    Does this also mean we'll finaly get to see that ASLAV finished?

    P.S You Know deep down you also wan't an Aussie M1A1.

    1. I believe it may mean the ASLAV reappears!

      And my desire for an Auzzie M1A1 is not really that deep down.....

  3. These look fantastic and I have to congratulate on the Taliban, they look a coherent force but at the same time on inspection they are individuals, a good perfect balance.

    keep up the updates we missed you over the weekend on internet land :)

    1. Thanks Matt! My recommendation with them is keeping a consistent colour palatte. You can mix and match what bit is what colour, but if you keep the same palatte of colours, they will look a bit more coherent.

      Not that you want them too orderly and regimented!

  4. Fantastic figures. I like a lot the vehicle!

  5. The skin tones on the Taliban are outstanding. Top job. Love the rover too....where's a challenger 2 ; )