Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Insurgents Competition - Results!

Our competition celebrating the release of our first four Taliban (details on how to buy some here) ended last week, and after some time taken to collate all of the results, we have been left with no less than 8 entrants who will be sent a pack of our four brand new Taliban miniatures to add to their forces!

So these are the first four Taliban, painted by Craig. The next wave of Taliban will be available VERY soon (we will let you know, don't worry!), and they will be followed by yet another wave of Taliban after that. After all, what is a game in Afghanistan without some cracking good Taliban miniatures?

Below are just some of the awesome pictures that we were sent of Insurgents painted by people out there in the Sangin Community!

First up is two Empress Miniatures Taliban Motorcyclists, by Steve E. You have to admire the lovely blue and red bikes, such a good contrast to the more muted colours of the riders.

Spyros has sent some Empress Taliban, he has opted for an interesting combination of muted browns, punctuated with some brighter whites and blues. Like before, we have a cool blue motorcycle- Am I sensing a theme?

James of Scotland has sent through two close ups of some Empress Taliban. One rocking a splendid blue dishdash, which I am unashamedly going to copy for my Call to Arms Taliban.

"Can you hear me now? No I don't want to upgrade my long distance plan. All I want is some mortar support! Don't you dare put me on hold!"

Darren has sent through a picture of what can only be described as a horde of Empress Taliban! Those are some lovely browns and yellows on the cloth, Darren has done a cracking job on them!

Pat sent through not just pictures of his Taliban, but also a picture of them in a game! He assured me that the Taliban were completly victorious. Or maybe they weren't, but I choose to remember it as a glorious victory for the Taliban forces!

Check out those sweet sneakers on the sniper!

Matt H has sent through a miniature from Battlefield Evolution, from Mongoose Publishing. Now I can't seem to be able to find the miniatures anywhere (although, clearly I need to try harder). He has painted him up as a member of ISIS, although Matt has complained that he looks too "ninja", I think the black clothing works well!

Peter T went with a different manufacturer, option to bring Taliban from The Assault Group. Peter has done a great job with them, including the Osama figure! Operation Geronimo anyone?

And rounding out our winners this time is some cool 20mm Taliban from Underfire Miniatures, sent through to us by Carvel. Not only did we get cool pictures of the 20mm Taliban, but what Carvel did with the Renedra building is awesome too! I have been resisting 20mm, but Carvel is slowly breaking me down.....

A huge thanks to all those who sent us pictures, we always enjoying seeing what those in the Sangin Community are up to with their games. Don't forget that we are always looking for more content for our books and our blog, After Action Reports, articles, things you have painted, or even just to tell us how awesome we are, don't hesitate to drop us an email, we look forward to hearing from you!



  1. Thanks for the pics Pooch.
    Some great looking minis.

  2. My favourites are the motor bikes. Great figures.
    Thankyou for running the competition : ) delighted!

  3. The postman delivered four great figures today. Very detailed castings, minimal cleaning required and a delightful sense of proportion to the figures. Many, many thanks indeed!