Saturday, 23 August 2014

Post 100+ A Look Forward

We had planned to have this post marks the 100th put up here on the Skirmish Sangin Blog, but we got so distracted by Call to Arms and sharing pictures of the weekend that we forgot about the milestone!

So although this may not be post #100, we would just like to take the opportunity to say that we have really enjoyed talking with the commenters, sharing our ideas for gaming and showing off some of the great work people are doing out there in the Sangin Community. While we three writers might think we have a great game, which we personally enjoy playing, it still surprises us, how it has been received by the wider community of gamers, your feedback, comments and images provide us even more encouragement to keep making books and writing rules.

In light of it being our 100th post (ish), we thought we would share some of our upcoming releases....


Despatches II follows the same style as our first Despatches book, made up of articles, scenarios, ORBATs and other really useful stuff for Skirmish Sangin gaming.
Inside Despatches II you can find....

- Additional vehicle rules, including how to field on-table helicopters in your ISAF list.
- Scenarios, ranging from vehicle checkpoints to helicopter assaults and everything in between.
- ORBATs for the Dutch and the long awaited Taliban ORBAT

We hope to have this out before the end of of October. Its currently at the editors, so we are on track. Th final running order of articles may change as once again we have more articles than space but whatever ones make the cut you can believe it will more despatches gold :-)


Day of the Rangers is out first Battle Book, focused on the actions in September 1993 in Somalia. Battle Books are different to a Despatches book, firstly because they are no longer set in Afghanistan, but secondly because they are setting out to represent a specific series of combat actions.

In the case of the Maalintii Rangers, it means some special Somalia specific rules, things which will add to the main rules to give the right "feel" for the battles in Mogadishu. The release of Maalintii Rangers will be supported by a range of 28mm US soldiers amongst others, which you have already seen a preview image for here....

Inside Maalintii Rangers you will find....

- A Somalia ORBAT, with rules for mobs of civilians
- US ORBAT for Rangers, D-Boys and 10th Mountain
- ORBATS for the UNOSOM II forces, such as the Pakistanis
- Additional helicopter rules- Because it isn't the Maalintii Rangers without Blackhawks and Little Birds!

When will this be out you cry? The team are working on it now, but we are not sure just yet but lets just say as soon as we can after Sangin Despatches No.2!

Is that all we are working on? Well, no actually, no it is not. But we have to keep some secrets!

So thank you for reading our blog. Let us know what you want to see more of - scenarios, AAR's, painting guides, book reviews, ORBATs, miniatures reviews or something completely different? Get in touch either in the comments, or by email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Colin, Craig and Chris


  1. Will they work with 20mm ? ;)

    1. Of course they will work in 20mm!

    2. Just checking your slippery slope into 20mm. : )
      The books look excellent.

  2. Fantastic news!!! The "Day of the Rangers" campaign book is a very good idea, one I´m awaiting from this moment!

    About your blog, I would like to see more AAR´s, they are a perfect source of inspiration and information; and books reviews about the subject.


  3. Great news! I would like to see more AAR's too. Thanks!

  4. Guys,

    Great to see you going from strength to strength.

    SS is without doubt, one of my favourite 28mm games, if not my favourite!