Monday, 18 August 2014

1st tournament

So the first SKIRMISH SANGIN Tournament was played this weekend

We all had some laughs, even though it was hard work, five games over a weekend for most of us left us all I am sure a bit dazed and confused. Awards were won, books and figures sold but more importantly interest was generated.

The group of players were all excellent and played hard games that were very narratively based. As with all things not everything went smoothly, mistakes were made and the cramped space made for a bit of manoeuvring on our part. However I think we would all agree it was a success and I would like to publicly thank my two off-siders for all there invaluable help.

  • Craig for continuing to build beautiful terrain and managing to ref with a severe hangover on Sunday.
  • Chris, for helping us with all the set up and for being good enough to play the entire weekend knowing we wouldn't let him win.

I would also like to thanks Ray, and Tom and Chris for lending us terrain.

I am sure the medal winners will wear their medals with pride.

Here is a few images of the event.


  1. I knew I couldn't win- but you didn't have to mortar me all the time to make sure of it!

    Thanks to both you and Craig for running an enjoyable weekend, I know that there are already plans to run another!

  2. Your games looked great guys, and plenty of people were talking about it around the other tables :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Agreed- Craig certainly has hit his stride in making the terrain for us, we will have to make sure to tie him down to write up a post about his latest creations!

  4. Fantastic looking tables especially the hanging rock feature. Dazed and confused? Sounds like a q for a song : )