Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Dougie- Renedra 1/56th scale 28mm Mud Brick House

I know that Colin wasn't the only one drooling over the Renedra Mud Brick Houses. How do I know that? Because Dougie has sent through some lovely pictures of his finished version. There are some more pictures up already on his blog (here) be sure to check them out!

Haven’t done an update in a while due to work, however the good news is I started my pre-retirement leave on June 21st and I’m officially retired on 18th July, Woo Hoo!

My second PARA fireteam is progressing well but in the meantime thought I’d show what I’d done with Renedra’s new 28mm Mud Brick House, its fine for Afghanistan as well as other locales, injection moulded plastic and there’s also an accessory frame with domes, extra walls, a canopy and some useful pots and bowls!

Here’s a shot of the box with some of my other Salute purchases!

Is that an M-ATV I spy back there Dougie? If so, you should head to Queeg's site to see his ones....

Assembly takes a couple of minutes then greenstuff to fill the gaps, you can do this quite roughly as this adds to the ramshackle look of these buildings

I cut a 2mm MDF base and primed it grey

Painted and based using my normal method of layering and washes, a distressed green door and a few tufts added.

I’ve ordered some detail items from Black Cat Bases here in the UK, farm implements and tools etc, but these haven’t arrived yet so in the meantime I’ve added a couple of pots and an AK!

A couple of close ups:

In theatre:

Next update will be the completion of my 2nd PARA fireteam then either some Eureka Talibs or a Javelin Team.

Looking really good Dougie! Doesn't take much to convert a 20mm table of terrain into a 28mm table does it? And as for the Renedra houses, you have made it look really good, I just hope I can do the same on the set I am starting!


  1. Fantastic work as always Dougie. Looks like you will definitely be enjoying that well earned retirement.

  2. where are the pots from ? also have you checked out the airfix afghan buildings in resin, just type "airfix afghan" into ebay :) they are big chunks of resin, only thing i don't like is non removable roofs.