Monday, 21 July 2014

More on Historicon

Here are a few pictures from Historicon, now its all over I think Chris will be having a few days rest but thought you would like to see what went on.

Above Chris working hard to demo games to people, below more eye candy of the table

The stand in all its glory


  1. It looks great Chris - Well done! Wish I was there playing the game. Were there many modern games at Historicon?

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    2. There were, Most were Force on Force, but we did have interest from several guys who want to start running Sangin events at their local stores and cons. So we will be working with them to help in any way we can to spread the word here in the States and Canada and increase awareness for the rules.

  2. I have to say that Chris and his wife Steph were absolutely great at Historicon. I bought the rules, the miniatures and the Dispatches scenario book and I am already looking forward to the next releases. Chris, thanks for the demo and answering all my questions. Keep up the great work.