Friday, 27 June 2014

Mogadishu Ranger and Mud Brick House

US Mogadishu Ranger

This is the first digital cut of our new Mogadishu Ranger. They can also be used for the early Afghanistan war and the war in Iraq.

This is part of the series we are getting ready for our release of Maalintii Rangers (Somali for Day of the Rangers) otherwise known as Blackhawk Down to you chaps. Think New Year probably.

This is the first digital sculpt we have done and we are using a US sculptor through our US distributor Phalanx Consortium. We are getting very excited about it.

Now obviously we have to work out a few bugs from the system as we learn how to 3D print the master but its definitely coming along in leaps and bounds. We keep you uptodate as we can.

Renedra Mud-brick house

Now I have obviously been hiding under a rock since SALUTE 2014 (Desperately trying to Sangin Despatches No.2 finished - hopefully August-September time) as I completely missed this short review Model Dads did that followed up their review of our game. The competition has finished but nevertheless its a good little review. The good news is that Renedra have made this great little model that gets cheaper the more you buy. If only everything worked like that.

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