Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Phalanx Consortium is bringing Skirmish Sangin to Historicon!

Chris from Phalanx has this to say...

The Phalanx Consortium will be at Historicon 2014 (July 17-20th). We'll be at Booth 110 in the Exhibitor’s Hall and will be featuring Skirmish Sangin Modern Warfare Rules, who we are now the exclusive distributors for in the USA and Canada.

We’ll be running demos at our booth during hall hours. We’ll also have copies of Skirmish Sangin and Sangin Despatches No.1 and the full range of Modern Aussie/Kiwi 28mm figure range available for sale at the booth. So now is the perfect time to build up those fire teams for your battles in Afghanistan and other modern theatres.

In addition to those great products we will be sneak previewing future releases from Radio Dishdash both on the supplement and figures side.

So please drop by and say, “Hello!”, and pick up a copy because in the words of one reviewer, “If you want a modern-period skirmish game, it is worth picking up a copy. You will not be disappointed …” – Paul Burkin – Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (Issue 66).

See you there!

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  1. Best of Luck Chris, I wish I was there gaming with you. Thanks for all the great work you have been doing to get ready for this.