Thursday, 17 July 2014

Game last night

Last night as part of the preparation for the Wellington Warlords - Call to Arms narrative competition Chris, Craig H and I had a game of..... yes you have guessed it Skirmish Sangin.

Craig H fielded his Germans, a group of hardened Bundeswehr troops on a mission. While I sneakily prepared the Taliban for Chris to play.

Having promised Craig, the Taliban would cheat and take a gun to knife fight, Craig came ready to do battle. The terrain looked like this:

The scenario was:

ISAF acting on Information has been received and confirmed by ICOMS chatter that the Taliban in the village of Musa-musa has hid an arms cache. ISAF decides as to launch a raid against Musa-musa, knowing that any raid carried out over land will result in the Cache being moved before they can close the answer is to chopper a squad into Musa-Musa to find and hold the cache until vehicle assistance can arrive on the scene.

The Taliban in the mean time seeing the Mosquito (Pashtun slang for Helicopter) race back to protect their cache.

Basically a meeting engagement with a difference.

Now I only have Pooch's pics at the mo and as he played Taliban we only have the Taliban side of the story.

Below: The game started with the Taliban sprint champion of the world piling across the board and running through the tall poppy field, I can almost hear his giggling as he ran with his RPG into the cornfield closely followed by a few others. This guy later, went on to kill the German sniper with his RPG.

 Below: Other Taliban raced for the high ground with their heavy weapons (PKM)

Below: The above shows the concerted effort to move up by the Taliban. It was a running counter bonaza

Below: The best shot of the game came from a running German, he spotted and fired while running, for a successful hit. Scratch one T.

Taliban reinforce the high ground.

Below: Towards the end of the game the Taliban bring out their novices knowing full well that only numbers will count.

Hopefully more pics to follow when Craig H sends me his pics which I presume will tell Germans side of the story.

So in the end it was a small victory for the Taliban, although the smaller german force really held there own right to the end.

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  1. Nice looking terrain and great AAR.
    Thanks for the pics.