Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sneak peak at the Historicon Demo board

Chris from Phalanx Consortium our USA distributor is just about ready to roll to Historicon and posted us this sneak peak of his demo board, and this is just half of it, he is keeping us in suspense about the other half.

It looks fantastic, the detail is out of this world and I bet it looks even better in the flesh, I so wish I was going, I am absolutely sure its going to be a real hoot. So if your one of the lucky ones going don't forget to rock up and have a chat with Chris and even play the demo on that beautiful table.

He is going to have all of our goodies for sale, so it will be a great place to stock up on books and figures etc.

Over the next few days he is going to be sending us some pics of the con, so we will post them up as we get them.


  1. Great looking board, looking forward to seeing some more pics of it :-)

  2. Wow that's what you need for the system!

  3. Fantastic game table. Really nice!