Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Craig - You can never have enough buildings!

Well hopefully you have all had a go at making some Afghan buildings for Skirmish Sangin - and fingers crossed, you may even have tried using the method I described in an earlier post. o keep you inspired here are a few images of some new buildings I have made.

As always they are based on MDF slightly rounded on the edges, painted on both sides to reduce warp. The paint I use is Resene Calico. Then I cover the whole building with a wash of Scorched Brown (any reddy dark brown is good) and Tamiya acrylic thinners - make sure this mix is very thin!!!! It is better to wash several times if need be than use too dark a wash. Some variation between buildings will occur and I think this helps to keep it natural. Here is the 'Boy with Goats' house:

  The happy couples house:

The Baddies hideout:

And a nice picture of the first building I did for the original post with some figures:

Craig W


  1. Wow! Looks fantastic. Well done.

  2. Very nice buildings! You need also some broken walls...

    1. Thanks Juan, yes I have some broken walls on my painting table at the moment and a few destroyed compounds. My ultimate aim is to have enough buildings for a large multiplayer game on a big table :) I also aim to do a few of the large Kabul if work didn't get in the way...

  3. Craig - fantastic as usual, can't wait to play on the terrain. I think we are very spoilt having you as our terrain builder. A good reminder also to complete the "boy with goats" rule, which the rest of you will see in Sangin Despatches No.2

  4. Excellent work, great looking buildings, very realistic!

  5. When can we expect dispatches no.2??? Loving these rules, breath of fresh air!