Wednesday, 5 March 2014

COLIN - Eureka Somalis

Eureka miniatures are now producing Somali's, they are absolutely fantastic and I am fortunate enough to have been sent a full set for review by the Eureka team. Great figures, very crisp as is always the case with Eureka and they paint up lovely. I am also using them to convert up for Afghans and a lot of them could definitely be used for most insurgent types.

Check out more images on Kostas blog

Now the this is probably worth letting you know that the team are currently working on our first Battlebook for Skirmish Sangin called... drum roll please.. Maalintii Rangers that means Day of the Rangers in Somali. 

So what do we mean by Battlebook, well a battle book will be an occasional series where we take  a selected modern battle and give you all the forces in terms of ORBATS, rules etc to play the game. 

We all know Sangin as a set of rules is more than Afghanistan and we aim to bring out these books to show people what you can do with the rules and to enable us to play some really cool battles in other exotic locales. 

So we'll keep you informed as we move closer to the final deadline and if you have any ideas for different battles you would like to see let us know in the comments



  1. Wonderful painting work! The models from Eureka are really nice.

    And a great idea that of the Battlebooks.

  2. I'm still jealous you called dibs on painting those guys first, oh well guess I will be waiting till Eureka release them!

    As an aside, my 1990s US have graduated to the painting table....

  3. I want a hi-lux full of bad dudes. Can't wait to see them painted its going to be awesome.