Tuesday, 25 March 2014



I had an interesting email yesterday asking how now we have shut down the yahoo newsgroup,  can people start discussions and add After Action Reports (AARs) to the blog.

So fellow Sanginista’s its simple, you can send your questions and AARs to me colin@skirmishsangin.com and I’ll create the post for you.

So next time you play a game, see a great movie or YouTube video that you think might be cool to share, send me the details so I can share your cool ideas with the rest of the Sangin tribe.

I would also just like to say there is no truth to the rumour that the SALUTE copies of our Radio Dishdash books have been held up while been transported from here in Aotearoa (NZ) as they travel by truck through Afghanistan on there way to Blighty.


  1. Luckily they took payment in book form- who knew that they were such big fans of the rules?