Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The M32 MGL

I, like many people I am sure invested in the Empress Miniatures kick starter. The promise of high quality miniatures cheaply was too irresistible!

Now for all those who picked it up, you will have noticed that one of the bonus figures was a USMC soldier armed with a M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL).

M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher

Initially field tested by the USMC in 2006, the M32 grenade launcher is a 6 barrelled 40mm multi-shot weapon, so basically a 40mm grenade firing version of Dirty Harry's revolver!

"You're thinking did he fire six shots or only five?"

The cylinders on the M32 MGL rotate on a spring loaded system, and must be rewound after reloading the weapon. The rate of fire is basically as fast as the soldier can pull the trigger and reloading is not a time consuming, nor an arduous process (any soldiers with experience with the weapon, please correct me if I am wrong!). The M32 seems to be well liked due to having a rugged construction, and the ability to provide high explosive fire support accurately and quickly, firing the same 40mm rounds as the M203. While it can be equipped with a variety of 40mm ammunition, it is the High Explosive (HE) that would be most frequently used.

The M32 MGL is a squad based weapon used by the US Marines and would be carried by the grenadier in place of their M16/M203.

Note that unlike other grenade launchers, the M32 MGL does not need to reload after each shot.

These are just test rules, we might update them closer to the time. Pooch just wanted to be able to use his cool new figures in games!- Ed

Now you have no excuses for not painting up your M32 gunner!

Now some of you will probably have had an allergic reaction to a US soldier armed with an M32 wearing ACU. As the Marines are the ones equipped with the M32, but marines don't wear ACU. Simply put, I wanted it to match the other US I have painted.

Next update from me will be about Crye Multi-cam!



  1. Nice stuff Chris. It looks like a lovely painted figure.

  2. If it bugs any one, just say that the Army took over an old Marines FOB and inherited a coded out weapon, Stranger stuff has happened. That's how my Platoon got are 50 in Afghanistan. And later inherited are Mk19 from an MP unit that was exfiling and getting replacement equipment when they got back state side.

    1. I think I may quote that if anyone gives me any funny looks! Actually, I am probably the main person who cares anyway....

      Thanks for the tip!

  3. Really on time rules!
    A very interesting weapon.

    1. Now I just have to organise to use it in a game!

  4. I can feel a purchase coming on for me marines....


    Just to let you know, that the US army is also now issuing Carl Gustaf's. So that means you can sang the MAAWS or M3 gunners from Eureka