Friday, 28 March 2014

Dougie - Painting British Part 5- Varnish and Basing

Like some avenging angel, here to remind us what productivity looks like and how we all should be painting rather than writing poorly attempted witty comments on blogs, Dougie is back. And this time, he is here to finish stuff.....

This update will cover varnishing the figure and finished the bases. First off I always use 2 varnishes. The first coat is standard Humbrol gloss poly 35, this is a good protective coat for the paint and also helps unify the colours. The photo shows our figure having had his coat of Humbrol 35.

He then gets a coat of matt, now there’s a load of discussion on painting forums about matt varnish and which is best, I use Daler-Rowney Soluble Varnish Matt, and I’ve never had a problem, it dries dead flat, as below

The next 2 shots show the figure with the base finished, I’ve simply used Silflor 2 tone tufts Late Autumn in 4mm size, his glasses have also been re-glossed.

The last 2 show my first 4 man fireteam.

Lots more to follow!

Well. They are simply lovely. That camo has come up really well Dougie- Craig and I have been debating about whether it is a touch bright, but you know what, I quite like it. And it's actually making me wonder if I have made my Auzzies too dark. Well that, and reminding me that I really should buy the whole range of Empress British. Because when painted up like that, they are just awesome.

Any clues for us for what is next?

I really need to get back to painting....


  1. Chris painting scale camo is a bit of a moot point, I find if you use the correct colours the smaller the scale the less convincing it looks, the smaller you go the ligher/brighter the colours need to be to get the camo contrast and if you use accurate colours without this modification the colours do what they're supposed to do and disguise the figure! That's my view anyway.
    In relation to what's next I've got another fire team prepped, the cracking Empress Javelin team and some other support as well as a crumbling resistance to the Airfix Jackal.
    Later, Dougie

    1. You are totally right! I often think that my US in are ACU are exceptionally dark, which doens't lend them to photography, but also washes out the finer details on the lovely miniatures. The more I think on it, the more I think that brighter colours may be better- if only so that they stand out on the tabletop more!

      Javelin. Coooooooooool.

  2. Your paint job is amazing !

    I really like the way you paint.

    Thank you for all the step by step you give.

    What's your nest project ?

    Im very interesting to see some USMC in desert or woodland marpat.

  3. I forgot one thing.

    You can use some weathering powders about the uniform. I like the effect.

  4. Awesome stuff!
    Dougie do you do commissions?
    I'm new to skirmish & looking for a great painter for my soon to be ordered figures.

    1. Month know why I show as unknown?
      Anyway email me on if it's a possible.

    2. I do Ben, however I'm not cheap but my painting is of the standard you've seen. I'll email you some details.

  5. Fantastic guide Dougie. Extremely useful.