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This AAR is a play through of one of the new scenarios that will feature in our next book Sangin Despatches.

The battlefield


As part of a big push into the green zone, your platoon has been ordered to advance to contact. Your platoon is to follow the canal north isolating and arresting the enemy. If that is not possible they may use lethal force against the insurgents.

Over the Bowman (British radio system), another platoon has a 5-meter contact and chases off the Taliban after a serious firefight. The Taliban retreat and are heading away from the battle, unfortunately right into the path of an ISAF blocking force.

ISAF Briefing

This game can be played as two individual battles with separate sections or one large battle.


On a roll 1-5 on a 1d10 off-table snipers may be deployed.

USMC Patrol

The USMC Patrol is based on the platoon attributes shown previously. 1 and 2 Section are each assigned a blocking task with the reserve being as shown below.

Let Battle begin

This was a battle between Pooch and I, Pooch had brought his USMC and I was fielding the Taliban. My small group only had one heavy weapon and RPG and came on the board running only to slow down to a walk when they realised all was not as it seemed.

The US moved to secure the high ground (building roof tops) and act as a blocking force to stop me getting off the board.

On the left side of the board the Taliban ran through the cornfield, only stopping as they reached the hedge.

The marines continue to move men into position while still trying to spot the Taliban. The Taliban are easier to spot as they are running but initially the US are failing their rolls. This is looking good.

Finally the dice gods show their sympathy and the US  spotting works and they open fire.

First casualty inflicted by the USMC.  The damage roll a 10. A badly wounded man. The Taliban next to him is left to take a morale test (red counter) having seen the effects of the American fire.

A Taliban and US 203 gunnar exchange gunfire through the hedge. He is too close to use the UGL.

The Taliban hit the American but roll double 1’s for damage, a disaster. The return fire scratches one Taliban. More marines drawn onto the board by the sound of gunfire.

Although the US have blockers in the way, the Taliban have to make a decision, to try and exit the board to gain points or fire their RPG… after a brief discussion Abdul and Abrahim make the decision to run and I believe I have two easy victory points.... but Pooch, always a crafty fighter, declares snap fire from his blockers. The two of them roll to hit taking the -30% for snap fire in account  and miss. Two Taliban victory point for me as my guys exit the board.

Meanwhile in the middle of the table a brief hand-to-hand battle starts but after several combat phases there can only be one decision, the marines superior skills win out. Scratch one Tally.

The US continue to man the building heights taking fire but the medium cover and kneeling saves them time and time again.

The Taliban move on the left and try to outflank the Americans.

On the right hand side the Taliban twins (They both have BODY 14), dig in and begin to give the advancing Americans a whole lot of hurt.

The battle rages with one of the Americans is taking hit after hit from multiple Taliban (Remember my earlier article about massing fire on one man, we'll it only works if Pooch stops making his 1d10+4 armour saves). His guy is slightly wounded but keeps bring the fight back to the Taliban.

All of those red markers each one give -10% to his morale after the first one and he still makes the roll. I think Pooch has John Rambo on his side.

The fighting gets down to some serious hand-to-hand. Pooch will do anything to stop the Taliban getting off the board.

At this point I could see the writing is on the wall for the Taliban, I  have managed to kill several Americans but can't get through them to get my victory points, I mean men, off the board.

Eventually numbers overwhelmed  the Taliban with this chap surrendering. he is quickly in the plasticuffs and is lead away.

In conclusion

It was a tough fight that early on seemed to be going all the Taliban’s way but then the slower Americans started to appear and block the bolt holes. The US defence slowed the Taliban advance by shear weight of fire. Eventually the Americans managed to grind out a win.

It was at this point we remembered that Pooch had rolled at the start of the game and got an off-table sniper, guess that sniper was kind of busy and missed all the excitment.

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