Saturday, 16 November 2013


Doesn't time fly, when yo are having fun. We launched SKIRMISH SANGIN on 1st January 2013 and what an exciting last eleven months its has been.

We have demoed games at Call to Arms(WLG) NZ Nationals (WLG), and CONQUEST (CHCH) this year and hope to do much more next year.

We have met and played games with some terrific people who have made writing and playing this games a huge amount of fun.

Full production our our first 16 Kiwi/Australian 28mm figures has now began with sculpting by the eBob and production by the excellent Eureka Miniatures.

Unfortunately its not been all laughs, with major illness pushing production back, we have delivered less to you the fans than we would like. In a hopes to rectify this, we are about to release SANGIN DESPATCHES No.1. The first of our planned support books that at this stage contains 8 different scenarios, 4 ORBATS and numerous articles on strategy and tactics of the modern battlefield. All written by real soldiers, so we are getting the information right from the horses mouth so to speak. We are just waiting for the photography and then its good to go.

So its fair to say things are alive and jumping in the SANGIN camp and now we launch our blog in an effort to help support the community even more. So we would like to thank everybody who has helped, especially those of you who have, or are currently, serving in the armed forces around the world and who took the time to write to us and tell us how much you like the game as well as offering us much support and additional information.



  1. Looks good Colin. Can't wait to see the new support book.

  2. Nice looking game gents. Quick question. This is by no means intended as an inflamatory comment. Have you had any veterans get upset with you about this game at all? Im just curious about this as the war is still on going. Again nice looking game.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      That a good question and no I don't see it as inflammatory. The reality is that we have had the exact opposite, we have had a number of veterans (10+) some of very senior ranks, who served in Afghanistan in the UK, USA, Canadian and Australian/NZ armed forces who have complimented us on the game.