Friday, 13 December 2013

Sangin Despatches Photoshoot today

Huge day of hard work today on the Sangin Despatches No. 1 Photoshoot. Here you can see Craig (left) and Pooch ( right setting up between shoots).

Craig and Pooch have been working hard for weeks building beautiful terraina nd Painting hordes of figures while I have been working with the editor, putting the finishing touches to the articles and designing the book. We are nearly there folks.

This time instead of building one table we have gone for modular buildings, see a new one front left and an old one chopped out of the last table and re-purposed and in the background our very good friend Rays buildings that he leant us of the shoot.

Here the two of them, many hours later, setting up and rural shot.

ISAF patrol crossing the river.

None of our books could have been possible without my very good friend  and work colleague Neil Pardington lending us his top notch camera equipment and lights.  Neil we could do it without you.

All of our books are an amalgamation of people working very hard, from editors, article writers, fact checkers and people who lend us their kit for the photoshoots the are very generous with their time for which we cannot thank you enough.

Sangin Depatches No.1 should be on sale very early in January.

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