Saturday, 16 November 2013

The hammer and the anvil - SKIRMISH SANGIN AAR

After Action Report


Elements of the French Foreign Legion supported by US Marines carry out a dawn raid on a known Taliban stronghold. The French are the hammer and the USMC the anvil, that ISAF hopes the Taliban are caught between.

Squad 1 French foreign legionnaires move into ambush position on Taliban village

The Taliban Technical crew suspect nothing and as they have no LoS. The Taliban are not active this phase so don’t move.

The legion begin their attack

 The sound of gunfire alerts the village and the Taliban become active.

The second legionnaire squad activates and begins their attack on the east side of the village.

 The Taliban heavy weapon begins to fire at the French. The French are temporary pinned down.

The second squad decides to try and enter the compound.

Additional support moves into the area.


The support squad makes a successful entry and the Minimi opens up on Taliban appearing from the village.

 The Taliban are pinned.

The US support squad arrives and moves in from the rear.

The Taliban take the battle to the Americans, hand-to-hand style. The battle for the compound is long and bloody…

Overwhelmed and out numbered the battle soon goes against the Taliban as they are either killed or routed out of the village. The three-pronged attack was too much to resist. This game took just over an hour.

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  1. I think this is the most realistic terrain for the Sangin region I have seen! Great work!