Friday, 22 November 2013

M18A1 Claymore Mine

Cost: 25pts

The M18A1 is a primarily a defence weapon that is a directional fragmentation mine. The mine is loaded with 700+ steel balls and backed by 0.68kg of composition C4 explosive.

The claymore propels a fan shaped pattern of steel balls in a 60-degree arc to a maximum height of 2 meters and has a kill zone of 50 metres and a casualty zone of 100 metres. The back blast is unsafe in exposed areas to 15 metres (see template).

Front 60-degree horizontal Cone:
Kill Zone (KZ) 50m (25”) 4d10, PEN 4
Damage Zone (DZ) 55m (27.5”) 1d10

Rear Damage Zone:
Damage Zone (DZ) 55m (27.5”) 1d10

Claymore Mine Template

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