Saturday, 22 November 2014

Skirmish Sangin at the Movies! Part One: Introduction

The team here at Radio Dish Dash have a lot of ideas. Lots and lots actually. And although most of the time, we are able to put horse blinkers on ourselves and focus on specific projects, sometimes we allow ourselves to go off track and see where we end up!

Over the past years of working on Skirmish Sangin, we have had more than a few random ideas. Some of them will become books in the future, some were "Afghan-ised" to become part of Despatches books and others were released here on the blog. But there are some ideas which just didn't fit anywhere else, either because they were things we could never release, things which we didn't think were a whole book or things which were only really going to be fun to play as an individual game once or twice, not over and over again.

As a team, we decided that the best thing to do would be to not hoard all our (potentially genius) ideas, and so the idea of Skirmish Sangin at the Movies! was born.

So what is it?
So what is it? Well, Skirmish Sangin at the Movies will be a collection of odd rules, special characters and other things which we have created that we want to share with you, our community. They are things which are not really balanced, but that are going to make for really fun one off games!

When will they be posted?
There isn't a schedule, these are random ideas remember! Between Colin, Craig, me and our other contributors, we think we have already got rules for maybe two or three movies fully written. But that isn't all we have, those are just the ones which we have finished! So every time you see Skirmish Sangin at the Movies! it will let you know that it is a Movies post, and although it uses many of the same rules for Skirmish Sangin, there will be a few things which are so odd as to need their own rules too!

But Pooch, I want to see (insert movie here) as a set of rules?
Now, that is the cool part. What we want is for you to comment on our posts, or drop us an email to tell us what movies you want to see as part of Skirmish Sangin at the Movies. We have lots of ideas, and lets be honest, these haven't been fully tested. They are designed for fun, not necessarily to be a balanced game! We want you to share your experiences with the rules, your ideas for changes and movies you want to see in the rules.

But will this be the only place we see these rules?
Now that all depends on you. We are enthusiastic people, if you want to see more, we can make more! So although what will be posted on the blog as a starting point, there will be lots of different places we can go with the rules for the movies. Our initial release may be small, but we will need your thoughts to make the rules, bigger, better and badder.

But, remember that some things we could never release as a paid product, simply because we can't afford the licensing. But other things, we may look closely at turning into a book if we get enough material. And perhaps, perhaps, there may even be a Skirmish Sangin at the Movies! book one day in the future. Others may just become a PDF download on the website.

The first article for Skirmish Sangin at the Movies! will be posted up tomorrow, so be sure to tune in!



  1. Great idea.
    Personally, I have been thinking a lot about the movie "Lone Survivor"...

  2. Hi Juan,

    I have posted this comment once but it has disappeared... not sure why. The lone survivors would make a great scenario but needs few if any new rules. Possibly one for falling down the side of mountains :-) Would love to see anything you write on this.

  3. Couple come to mind, a manaufacturer had recently done the 28 mm figures, The 'A' Team,, NCIS LA has done some very good small skirmish episoded, this weeks with the SWAT teams having special wall clerance vehicles is a classic. Stargate SG1, or Stargate GB for the British Teams, Not to mention how many of us brought mulit copies of the DR Who magazine with the 20-30 plastic Audi Daleks in 3 colours.