Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Posts from the Sangin Community- Painted Taliban!

So after complaining last week that all people send me is British in MTP (like that is actually a problem!), it is nice that people listened to my pleas. Since then, my inbox has been flooded with all sorts of different forces, which I will be sharing with you over the next wee while.

Let's get started with some Taliban painted by Steve, one of our competition winners earlier this year (remember his motorbikes? I do!). Steve sent through the set of our Taliban painted up, he has made a cracking job of them!

Don't forget, head the Skirmish Sangin UK or US website to pick up your full set of 15 Taliban, if only to give that horde of British we have been seeing something to fight!

I am loving what has been sent through, keep updating me on what you are working on at chris@skirmishsangin.com.



  1. Loving these Steve, fantastic job.

  2. very nice work, and has to be asked, where did the back ground come from ?

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