Sunday, 23 November 2014

Skirmish Sangin at the Movies! Part One: Iron Man Mk 1

Following on from yesterday's introduction, here is the first part of At the Movies!.

Presenting what was I think my favourite Marvel comic character when I was growing up, Iron Man!

The Ironman Mk1 Suit!

Please note, Iron Man is entirely the property of Marvel Studios. Radio Dish Dash Publishing respects their rights as owners of the Iron Man character and design.

From the Iron Man wiki

The Mark I (1), was the first Iron Man suit built and created by Tony Stark.

It was featured in the movie Iron Man, and first appeared when Tony and Ho Yinsen were held captive by the terrorist group known as the Ten Rings. While they were held captive, Tony and Yinsen devised a plan. In the cave, they created blueprints for the Mark I.

The suit was very crude, due to the limited tools and resources that were available.Its successor was the Mark II, built inside the Stark Mansion.

The suit has several notable functionalities and weapons. It is equipped with a Manually Deployed Rocket Launcher, a Flamethrower mounted on right arm, Jet Boots equipped in its soles, an exposed Internal System attached to its back, and the very first Miniature Arc Reactor. The reactor powers the entire suit. Later, Tony created an upgraded version that would power almost every other suit to date.

Using Iron Man in Skirmish Sangin:

The Iron Man Mk 1 operates like a normal character in Skirmish Sangin, and has the following statistics.

The Iron Man Mk I suit

Massive Bulk- Due to the large weight, mechanical strengthening and by its very design, the Iron Man suit cannot go prone, either by choice or because of being knocked down by the enemy.

The Iron Man Mk 1 may not run.

The Iron Man suit is simply too large to fit into standard doorways without the chance of damaging itself. Entering a doorway takes 1AP for Iron Man and has a 25% chance to do so without damaging itself. If Iron Man fails this test, roll on the Iron Man morale table to see the effect getting caught in the door has had.

Due to the Iron Man’s size, an enemy model attempting to SPOT or SHOOT the Iron Man has a +20% modifier.

Armour- Iron Man has a value of 3d10+10 for body armour, and gives Stark a BODY rating of 1d6+10.

Limited visibility- The Iron Man helmet is designed for protection, not for visibility. Iron Man only has a 90 degree line of sight, not a 180 degree arc. It will cost Iron Man 1AP to turn in place.

Iron Man in Hand-to-Hand Combat

The Iron Man suit may not make any special combat attacks in hand-to- hand combat. The Iron Man suit causes 4D10 damage when it hits in close combat. The attacks from Iron Man may not be parried, unless by a superpowered or armoured suit wearing opponent.

Hitting the Iron Man Mk I in close combat is at +20%, and reduces Iron Man’s armour value by 1d10 when rolling to save in close combat. This variant simply has too many weak spots!

Iron Man may not parry any close combat attacks.


Iron Man isn’t here to make friends. This suit’s entire purpose is to get Tony out of the caves and get to freedom. To assist with this, it is equipped with a variety of weapons.

The Iron Man suit is equipped with two external missile launchers. Lacking in a suitable firing mechanism, the missiles take 2AP to fire. Unfortunately, the Mark 1 suit has no reloading ability, and so may only fire 2 rockets per game.

The Missile uses the stats for an RPG.

The Iron Man suit has two flamethrowers, one mounted under each arm. These nozzles are connected to high pressure hoses, allowing Iron Man to spray fire for a short time from both arms.

The flamethrowers fire together, and have a range of 15” and blast diameter of a KZ 5” (4d10) DZ15” (2d10)

Being hit by a flamethrower causes a morale test at -50%. If the morale test is successful, the model may attempt to put themselves out, otherwise they will simply run from the battlefield and are treated as killed.

Any model part inside the DZ of a flamethrower is treated as being on fire. This will cause 1d10 damage at the end of each activation for that model, unless they can put the fire out. Putting the fire out costs 3AP, and has a 75% chance of success.

The Iron Man Mk 1 has a limited fuel supply. After each time the flamethrower is fired, Iron Man must roll a 1d10, on a 1-5 it has run out of fuel. The chance increases by 1 for each time it is fired (1-6 on the second shot, 1-7 on the third etc)

Iron Man Morale

The Iron Man Suit may be exceptionally well armoured, but at the end of the day there is still a man inside the can. The Iron Man can be forced to take a morale test like any other model. If this is the case, the Iron Man rolls on the following table.

1-5 Stunned- Iron Man suit may only operate for 2 AP in the next phase
6-8 Shaken- Iron man suit may only operate for 1 AP in the next phase
9-10 Suit Damage- Lose 1d10 from suits armour and may only operate for 1 AP in the next phase

Iron Man Mk 1 in 28mm
I managed to pick up the Heroclix Iron Man Mk 1 very cheap from the internets, gave it a repaint and voila, Iron Man!

So there you have it, the Iron Man Mk 1! I think I might have to write up a scenario to use it, so bear with me on that. Big question is- what do you want to see next as part of At the Movies?



  1. Great! I want to see Captain America, of course!

  2. How about all the Avengers.... the Hulk would take some figuring out.

  3. Haha, pure genius! The Avengers would be absoultely awesome :D

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