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Skirmish Sangin Competition – Call to Arms 16/17 August 2014

Call to Arms, Wellington New Zealand -  16/17 August 2014

Firstly our apologies to all those who read this living in places other than New Zealand, we realise its frustrating to read about event you can't attend (Of course if you can get here, you can play, we'll make sure of that) but as other events happen globally we will put that information out  - Colin


Welcome to the first Skirmish Sangin competition. Our aim is to provide a narrative competition, the over arching scenario called “Operation Civilisation” this has ISAF trying to dislodge the Taliban out of the green zone, a contested area somewhere in the Helmand province.

The success or failure of this mission will be decided by your results as commanders on the ground with your results contributing to the success or failure of the ISAF mission. Narrative elements will come into play and we will work hard to make this competition as much fun as possible. This is the player’s pack, which will contain important information; specialist rules and any other additional information we think may be useful.


All current forces - so that's all forces listed in Skirmish Sangin and Sangin Despatches no.1 are allowed.

A short note on force building
Skirmish Sangin is a narrative based game and while the rules will allow someone to turn up with 16 Novice Taliban all armed with RPG’s (16x25 = 400pts + 16x35 = 560pts for a total of 960pts) this is not in the spirit of the game and the force will be refused.

This competition is not for players who want to win at all costs but for players who want to have fun both winning and losing, and who bring forces that accurately reflect the battlefield of modern Afghanistan.

Each player will be asked to develop two forces:
  • An ISAF force
  • A Taliban/Insurgent force
If you could indicate which of the two is your preference for the tournament we will try to accommodate your first choice as much as possible. We will have spare miniatures available for those who do not have an alternate force.

Each force can be up to 1000 points each and cannot include any off table or advanced rules elements; these will be allocated for at the beginning of each game, depending on the narrative.

All forces must be WYSIWYG, your miniatures need to accurately represent the primary weapon that the figure is using and must be painted.

ISAF players must adhere to ISAF structures for their Fire-team and the Taliban are limited to 3 RPGs per force. Please note that all character BODY rating will be rolled before the start of the competition on Saturday morning.

All forces must be submitted at least a week prior to the event for approval.

If you also have suitable Afghanistan terrain that we could use for the weekend, please let us know.

Registration and Cost

See Wellington Warlords website:

How will the competition run?

The competition is limited to 10 players and each player will play 5 games over the weekend with either their Taliban or ISAF force.

The results of your games will decide the success of Operation Civilisation. Craig and I will be updating you before each game and throughout the day on the availability of off table assets.

As each game will be scenario based, in some instances the different tables will interact with each other e.g. a mortar fired on one table may well hit on another table. Requests for a MEDEVAC chopper may be delayed if the chopper is already rescuing someone on another table. The idea is that each game forms part of the battlefront and have the issues for each commander dictated by the overarching battle.


Games are scored by the victory points earned per game, with all victory points going towards the ISAF and Taliban totals. At the end of the final game the side with the most total victory points will decide the success of Operation “Civilization”.

Players will also have an opponent score card and these will confidential and handed to the referees.

Your opponent more than occasionally displayed behaviour you would classify as borderline cheating and was not what you expected to face when playing a narrative game.  The opponent played against the narrative, e.g. moving figures towards unseen opponents, were argumentative or unpleasant to play against

Your opponent's behaviour clearly detracted from your ability to enjoy the game. They refused to resolve rules disputes amicably or displayed an unsavoury attitude throughout the game - whether too much gloating when winning or too much bitterness when things didn't go their way. PLEASE NOTE calling over an Umpire for a rules dispute is regarded as an amicable outcome and should not be punished.

Your opponent gave you a decent amicable game or better
Your opponent was essentially in line with, or exceeded your expectations of another player's behaviour. Rules queries were decided amicably. Nothing they did detracted from your ability to enjoy the game, other than maybe having beat you but you can hardly hold that against them...

We expect all of the games to be scored at a 5, people should come to the games wanting to enjoy the game with their opponent and roll some dice. At the end of the day, this is toy soldiers; we are here to have fun!

There will be a number of prizes, which will be based around the narrative aspects of the campaign, rewarding those who are really getting in to the narrative of the games.

What you need to bring

Any gaming material that you require to play, including:
  • Your army!
  • At least two copies of your Army Roster
  • Pen and paper
  • Main Rulebook and Sangin Despatches No.1 if relevant
  • Tape measure
  • Some d10 and d6
·      We also recommend you have a set of tokens, and a copy of the grenade template

Time table

Saturday 16th August

9.00am – Briefing

9:30am – 11.30am     Round 1
1.00pm – 3pm            Round 2
3.30pm – 5.30pm       Round 3

Sunday 17th August

10.00am – 12.00am   Round 4
1.00pm – 3pm            Round 5
3.30pm                       Prize giving


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