Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Pooch - Auzzie Auzzie Auzzie!

I might be a bit excited that the toys have arrived....

But unfortunately (Unfortunately! Its going to be ace  a weekend playing games what's unfortunate about that) we are off to Battlecry for the weekend to introduce some new people to Skirmish Sangin, but you can look forward to my thoughts on the Empress Australian sculpts next week, as well as some far better pictures of them!



  1. Gday...I too have started an Aussie force using the Skirmish Sangin is a my blog I have updated my blog with the beginning of my Afghanistan in 28mm project.


    I look forward to follwing your progress!

    1. I am going to keep up with that blog of yours!

      You have reminded me that I must get my next post out, watch this space!