Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dougie- Research

Time to hear again from our entrant from the complete other side of the world, who has been doing some research

Well folks here’s my first update!

As I’ve mentioned I’m using Empress Miniatures Brits to represent my 3PARA fireteams and support, they’ll be wearing MultiCam, which can be a bit of a swine to paint, I’ve done it in 20mm so hopefully 28mm should be ok.

Whenever I paint camo the most important thing is to get the look of the scheme and the best references are a must. Luckily there’s an abundance of resources on the net and I also use a range of printed material. In the UK, “Soldier” magazine and “Combat and Survival” regularly have good reports with quality pictures (They have not quite made it to the colonies it seems!- Ed). The best reference is an actual piece of the uniform, and as a bonus you get a top or trousers to cut around the area in! (Not sure we should be encouraging people to game in full kit!)

The big benefit in having the actual camo is you can see the percentage of colour spread and also how its affected by the seam changes, this is important if your using Empress figs as the sculptor has got all the seams and pockets on the figures, camo pattern doesn’t cross seamlines!

So I’m fully researched up and waiting to start the figures, Next post will cover the figures I’ve selected and prepping them.

Later, Dougie


  1. Great stuff Dougie. I will be keenly interested as I have just finished some Multicam and after several attempts at the camo and several trips to the paint stripper jar - I am finally happy with it. Damn camo is to good a camo on the figures - which has meant I had to blackline the pockets etc to give them definition and then when you dirty the figure to look dusty the camo was just disappearing completely. Pretty happy now but I had moments of frustration! I wish you all the best and look forward to the finished results. I'll get some pics of the SEALS up soonish....

    1. Yeah Craig you've got to be clever with it, if you dust the figures up they do varnish!

  2. Can't wait to see the multicam results. I am just glad my SAS will be in DPMs

  3. Very interested in your result with the multicam!!!