Saturday, 22 February 2014

Painting Navy Seals by Craig W.

For my project I decided I wanted a group of Elite soldiers so I could play lots of scenario games with a small amount of troops. My favourite Sangin games are those with only a few troops and a heavy narrative component. I received the figures from Colin’s personal stash-thanks Colin.

Now I searched multiple websites and decided that I would use a mix of Multicam and MARPAT as there seems to be an awful lot of images showing Seals wearing both. It also meant I could use some of the figures as Delta or Rangers for other scenarios.
Here are a couple of images of the uniforms: 
As you can see they are a bit detailed for a 28mm figure!
And yes my first few test attempts were a good rendition of this but it left the figure way too busy with no definition…so in the paint stripper jar they went. (here they are before paint removal!)

So I finally got the hang of abstracting the patterns so they look good on a 28mm figure – less accurate to the real uniform but give the impression of it well enough. So here they are all nice and finished:

Here is an inspirational shot on the table:
So how did I paint them?
Well I tried a variety of different paints until I found something that worked.
For Multicam I used the following paints:
Here is my test square:
Here is my test figure:
For MARPAT I used the following paints:

Here is my test area:
Here is my test figure:
So there goes! Obviously I haven't given you a step by step guide - but hopefully it makes sense and you can follow it. Colour choice is a personal thing so my advice to you is to just have a go and trust your eye. Any questions just let me know :)


  1. Craig, job well done, these look great and I agree with you about being able to switch from delta, seal or ranger as needed for gameplay.

  2. Great painting work of this difficult subject. Really nice the final effect. I need to buy these figures!!!

    Thank you a lot for the "ingredients".

  3. Craig, great article...but where can I find these US figures? I have looked but can't seem to locate them...Thanks in advance Earle