Thursday, 7 April 2016

Roamin' on the Gloamin' AAR

This was the last of the play test for the Roamin' on the Gloamin' free scenario and the battle was fought between father and son.

Ray took the Taliban, you can see his Taliban Scowl in the pic and and Michael the Black Watch Scots who apparently play by Marquis of Queensberry rules.

The game board looked like this:

The game began with the Taliban but as the Scots weren't on the board they passed on several combat phases until the 'dour' Scots turned up.

First Scots man up came on the board and secured his position in cover:

Meanwhile on the bridge the Taliban are trying to spot in the dark. This proved very difficult.

It didn't matter how hard they tried only having one man with NVG  made the Taliban spotting needing 01's to find the enemy.

Several more turn elapse and now a few more Scots had turned up.

Activate on the bridge now grew frantic but the Al Qaeda operative somehow couldn't get his NVG goggles to work. Finally more by luck than judgement one of the Scots was spotted and shot at. 

A hit, first blood to the Taliban but still the calm Scots, held their fire and found their targets in the dark. 

The Scots bring up their GPMG to cover the bridge and still they refuse to shoot. 

The view from the GPMG position

By now the sniper in the main Taliban building is doing everything he can to find and shoot at the Scots, but a series of unfortunate rolls leaves the Scots well protected.

The Scots now fire there 40mm grenade at the group on the bridge and hit spot, its kills 2 outright and the other two now have to have morale rolls at -30%.

Taliban on the left hand building move up in position to try and spot the Scots in the dark but again to no avale, the night time rules make spotting incredibly difficult without NVG, just as they should.

Finally the British Leader steps up and calls in the off table Warrior. He rolls the perfect score and the Warriors Chaingun wipes clear the roof.

It probably looked something like this.....

However the Scots weren't having it all their own way, one brave young man runs forward to help his injured friend and perform first aid in attempt to evacuate the casualty, the Taliban sniper see him and shoots, scratch our Hero.

Shortly after this, incensed by the deaths of his comrades the Scots Marksmen finds the Taliban sniper and after a few attempts 'slots' him.

Now the Scots rushed the bridge. One Taliban behind the end of the wall found a Scot armed with a combat shotgun, it didn't end well. The Scots now occupied the southern end of the bridge.

This was quickly followed up by more Scots

Unfortunately that's where we had to call the game but the Scots now occupied the southern end of the bridge, the Taliban had taken lots of casualties and were trying to get their novices to move up without two much luck. A series of Taliban took to their heels in this the last combat phase of the game.

So a good victory for the Scots. Its an interesting game playing a nighttime advance and means you have to change tactics. Have a go and let us know how you got on?

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