Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Play testing a scenario

Rescue the Journalists

This the board set up for a scenario Ray wrote, about a group of journalists behind enemy lines being harassed by the Taliban and in need of rescue. Their rescuers are a squad of French legionnaires in a VAB armed with a 50 cal.

BELOW: The journalists have abandoned their TV van and sort shelter in a nearby compound. You can see the Taliban sneaking up on the far side.

BELOW: and much later in the game - (I forgot to take photographs oops) the French arrive in their VAB. The french avoid the road in case of IED and crest the hill and move down into the village to take cover behind a Compound this is where they debused. At this point the Taliban have actually began to storm the compound that the journalists and their PMC bodyguards are in.

BELOW: The French take their time climbing out the VAB.

BELOW: The Taliban sniper managed to hit one of the French, his body armour saves him but he sis stilled knocked to the ground.

BELOW: Now the French find out the compound they took cover behind is not empty, the Taliban on the roof lets go with AK47 but misses everyone.

BELOW: The now debused French try and sneak round the back to get at the roof top gunman.

The French came under fire from Taliban across the street but they fired their AT4 and removed the threat. Eventually the French brought their .50 cal to bare and under such fire the Taliban slipped away but not before first the female journalist managing to kill 2 Taliban with a pistol.

Was a fun game it will be one of the scenarios in the new Afrika book being released soon.


  1. Nicely done boys, an interesting scenario idea that looks like a good one.


  2. Man the more i look at this game the more i am wowed by it.
    Where is Vab and french mi is from

  3. Man the more i look at this game the more i am wowed by it.
    Where is Vab and french mi is from

  4. French military are Eureka miniatures Not sure about the VAB, I got mine diecast from Solido but this is a a kit. I will ask and come back to you.

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