Saturday, 6 February 2016

Platoon+ test games


So we continue with our Platoon+ testing. This time we added off table resources. The Taliban had a mortar and a sniper and the ISAF had a heavy weapons team which included 2 Javelins and a sniper.

The ISAF platoons consisted on 1 Platoon of US Army and 1 Platoon of French. This was mainly to help us test the differences in national Platoon types and the Taliban had 25 minis.

The board looked like this.

The Taliban held everything south of the river with ISAF coming from the north of the river. The Taliban were embedded in the village of Ghorak having in the scenario taken possession of the town the day before.

The battle unfolded with the ISAF advance. Its was a two prong approach designed to split the Taliban fire, this worked very well. The Taliban, dug in the building were initially a tough nut to crack with the French being pinned down on the left flank (bottom right of the pic below).

The Taliban used the banks of the stream as cover as they tried to bring fire on to the face arriving Americans.

The French hunkered down over the continual fire from the Taliban. The advanced initially brought to a stop. Here the first casualties went to the Taliban withering fire.

 The Taliban occupy the mosque and gain the high ground advantage (Sorry about the pic quality).

US army below make it to the first compound to find it empty.

The Americans charged the dug in Taliban along the river line and a fearful hand-to-hand battle begins. This would go on for most of the game with the Taliban taking casualties but refusing to yield. Ray (pictured) wanted to test the hand-to-hand rules and his Taliban held up well.

The French move up through the poppy field and come under off table mortar fire, twice they were hit and twice the dice (6d20) yield no casualties, but it did shake them up. The US employed both javelins but were such bad shots they missed their targets and inflicted only minor damage.

 Eventually the Taliban Morale breaks and the survivors bolt.

So just like before we have learned a few things and we have added more elements to the game I can honestly say I like where this is going. Both of my play testers liked it too. Once more of the rules are written up in a more cognitive form I will be looking for more play testers, so let us know if your interested.

The game took 2 hours and 15 minutes with high Taliban casualties but ISAF were pinned for a number of rounds, which stopped there advance dead for a while.

The larger playing area really worked too.


  1. Great AAR and the table looks fantastic! Is the game scale still 1:1? Also, I noticed the lack of any status markers in the shots. Have they gone away? Thanks for the great AAR!

  2. Hi, great AAR and a great table. Can you explain a bit of your rules ideas? What is the difference between this system and skirmish sangin to make it faster? What type of dice do you want to use for the system?

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  4. Like the look of this - a lot. How compatible will it be with the 'normal' rules? I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to run a series of games with a single section, then pull them into a larger force and then pull them back out again? Sort of adding a more layered RPG approach?