Saturday, 20 February 2016

Platoon+ - Some of the thinking behind the game

Platoon +

 So a few people have asked questions on the new Platoon + game, so I thought I would share some of my thinking so far. I must of course emphasis that all of this is a work in progress.

The first thing is that Platoon+ is a working title and the final game may not be released under that name, but it gives us a point of reference moving forward.

Looking at the aims of the game it probably worth listing the core building blocks of the new game.

  1. The game needs to allow Skirmish Sangin players to take their characters into playing a larger game, with some conversion.
  2. The rule system will NOT just be Skirmish Sangin with a few new rules.
  3. This is a modern rule set for modern warfare both symmetrical and asymmetrical; it is NOT based in Afghanistan and can be used to model any current or future conflict.
  4. The game smallest unit can change depending on the size of the game player want to play. What do we mean by this, well if players want to play a platoon sized game the smallest unit will be a fire team, if they want to play multiple Platoons the smallest unit type would be a squad. It may be possible to play this game with the smallest unit being an individual.
  5. Miniatures will be based singularly but the larger the game becomes the more abstract the game system will be come, as it needs to handle bigger numbers.
  6. The game must be easy to play and learn and players with 2 platoons per side should be able to play a game in about 2.5 hours.

So those are some big building blocks on which everything will hinge. Below are some images of working platoon sheets. They are a work in progress but the idea is a single page should represent a platoon and everything the players need to will be on that page.

Above is a basic US army Platoon

Above a Taliban unit - note the difference in command dice

Above French Foreign legion Platoon, avery different make up.
Below is the first look at armoured platoons
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Currently we are experimenting with using 1d20 instead of 1d100. While I love 1d100 for granulation in Skirmish Sangin, as the number of troops gets bigger, it becomes increasingly necessary to loose that granulation without loosing the spirit of the game.

We are also looking at command dice, command dice gives the unit their Action Points (AP). The larger game is predominantly about command and control.

So thats just a few little things to show you some of our thinking.



  1. Looks interesting I have modern germans with 2 leopard 2A6 and 1 squad of infantry and a Milan team to fight 3 russian t-90 and 3 bmp3 each with a squad of infantry in 28mm.