Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Latest on the zombies

This is our latest press release for GENCON...

Radio Dishdash Publishing and Phalanx Consortium are releasing our new game Skirmish OUTBREAK. This standalone ruleset provides a great new look at the Zombie skirmish wargame. This is a fast play game of Ragers and Zeds. The Rager is a human infected in the last 48 hours whose single drive is to kill as often as possible and is as fast and deadly as any human. The Zeds are the slower more dormant zombie but is just as deadly as they congregate in hordes looking for new food sources.

In the middle of all this is are the survivors. Whether by luck, cunning or skill the survivors have managed to get this far, now they are out in the ruins looking for the food, water and ammunition. Other Survivors may be friendly, but just as often are not, and how that works out in this world of kill or be killed is up to the players.

To support this great new game Radio Dishdash and Phalanx Consortium will also be releasing our initial range of figures that initially includes Ragers and Survivors. Take a look at our initial Rager renders below.

These are the first in what will be a much larger range. Skirmish OUTBREAK allows you to play the game with any figure you like, in any scale you like, with a fully integrated campaign system that means that players have to find enough resources to survive or face the consequences. This is a world of tough decisions and even tougher enemies, do you and you’re friends have what it takes to survive?

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