Monday, 20 July 2015

Can't wait for OUTBREAK?

So, can't wait for OUTBREAK?

Can't sit still waiting for your chance to pit your characters against the Zombie hordes?

Or can you not wait to take the role of Zombie Controller, in charge of the merciless hordes?

Well, we can't help GENCON arrive any faster, but we can at least share with you the Zombie Blog which I have been working on.

The blog is here at , and on it you will find survivors, zombies, and in the build up to GENCON we will take a look at OUTBREAK, including the rules, some demo characters and maybe even an AAR!

So head on over, distract yourself with the stories, survivors and pictures over there, I promise it will help pass the time until you too can have a copy of OUTBREAK in your cold, dead, zombie hands....


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